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What you can do to keep yourself, your colleagues and your clients safe during your working shift.

This Work Health and Safety learning category is is divided into 6 video-courses:

- Alcohol Awareness

- Food Allergies

- Workplace Bullying and Harassment

- Personal Protective Equipment

- Slips, Trips & Falls

- Manual Handling

Drinks expert, writer, educator and bartender, Fred Siggins, will teach you about the responsible service of alcohol.


  • The importance of responsible alcohol service

  • Consequences of unsafe alcohol service

  • Effects of alcohol on the body

  • How to check a guest's identification

  • The signs of intoxication

  • How to refuse or discontinue an alcohol sale

Founder and president of CertiStar, Shandee Chernow, will help you understand important information about food allergies that will help you keep your customers safe.


  • Food allergy facts

  • Allergic reactions and anaphylaxis - signs & symptoms

  • Would you eat this if you were allergic?

  • Serving guests with food allergies

  • Determining best food options for guests with allergies

  • Preventing allergen contamination - Back of House (BOH)

  • Preventing allergen contamination - Front of House (FOH)

  • What to do if someone has an allergic or anaphylactic reaction

Founder and president of Ethics Suite, Juliette Gust, will help you better understand the issues of workplace harassment and bullying, what to do if you are a victim or witness and potential consequences for perpetrators.


  • Introduction to harassment and bullying

  • Rights and responsibilities of employees and managers in workplace conduct

  • What is (and what isn’t) considered workplace bullying

  • What is workplace harassment & discrimination

  • Understanding sexual harassment in hospitality

  • Where and when workplace bullying and harassment can occur

  • The impact of bullying, harassment and discrimination on individuals and organizations

  • What to do if you’re the victim of or witness to bullying or harassment

  • Understanding victimization and gossip

  • Potential consequences of engaging in unacceptable workplace conduct   

 Luke Croston, a leading chef who creates custom food solutions for clients such as Retail Zoo and former Group General Manager of Food Operations at Made Establishment, will help you learn the importance of personal protective equipment, what makes tasks hazardous, and potential impacts these tasks can have on individuals.


  • What is personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • When to use personal protective equipment

  • Using personal protective equipment correctly

  • Responsibilities - personal protective equipment

  • Looking after your personal protective equipment

  • Introduction to slips, trips, and falls

  • Identify and prevent common slip hazards

  • Identify and prevent common trip hazards

  • Identify and prevent common fall hazards

  • Reporting slips, trips, and falls

  • Common manual handling hazards and consequences

  • Identify and assess manual handling hazards

  • Reduce or eliminate manual handling hazards

  • Correct lifting and carrying techniques

  • Reporting manual handling incidents

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