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Restaurant consultant Mike Ganino works with businesses to build strong brands and engage staff to provide consistently great service. In this online course on hospitality management, he shares his expert tips to guide you as you take the first steps into a leadership role.


By the end of this course you’ll be equipped with the know-how to take on your new role with confidence:

  • How to prepare for your first day as a manager

  • How to prioritize tasks at work

  • How to delegate tasks effectively

  • How to be a confident manager

  • How to roster staff effectively

  • How to multitask effectively at work

  • How to ensure your restaurant staff meet service standards

  • How to deal with difficult customers in a restaurant

  • How to deal with an intoxicated guest

  • How to respond to customer feedback

  • How to quickly build rapport with new staff

  • How to run effective team meetings

  • How to conduct effective performance reviews

  • How to keep staff accountable

  • How to have difficult conversations with your staff

  • How to manage conflict between staff

  • How to build a harassment-free workplace

Bonus courses included:

- Rostering Management

In this online course, Founder and Managing Director of Roster Right, Lisa Spiden, will take you through what to consider when doing your rosters to help with your business's success.


  • Why rosters are an important tool in a business

  • What a good roster consists of

  • How small changes to a roster can be costly over time

  • What a base roster is and how to use it

  • Why coverage should be considered before designing your roster

  • How business rules can impact rostering decisions

  • Why being compliant is important

  • Tools to help with rostering

- Training Fundamentals

In this online course, co-founder and CEO of Wilcuma, Nicolas Simon, will teach you key skills and techniques that will help you create and deliver engaging training content to your team.


  • The importance of effective training for hospitality businesses

  • How to plan and structure your training to get the best results

  • How different people learn

  • How to effectively train others

  • How to make your training and delivery engaging

  • How to structure and plan an effective staff induction

  • How to run an effective staff induction

  • How to train groups of staff

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